Call for Participants - World School International Forum 2020 ”Cultural Traditions: Preserving Cultural Diversity”- Tokyo, Japan

18 February 2020

Ever since 1997, when Masaki Matsudaira, the former Chairman and present advisor to the board of trustees at Kanto International School, Tokyo, Japan, initiated World School International Forum, this annual event has gathered delegates from across the globe, in an attempt to facilitate connections and collaboration between students worldwide and address issues of contemporary interest, to which teenagers find solutions together. Colegiul Național Costache Negruzzi Iasi is the only Romanian member of the World School International Forum and for 20 years it has been successfully represented by delegations of three students and a coordinating teacher that have joined this grand event together with other 20 countries across the globe: Australia, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Macao, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam.

The WSIF 2020 theme is Cultural Traditions: Preserving Cultural Diversity. What tradition or part of your culture do you want to preserve for the future?

Globalization has significantly improved cooperation and understanding among countries, and we are sure that World School members welcome this trend. Unfortunately, globalization is not all good news. In an increasingly borderless world, people fear that the forces of globalization are damaging our cultures and traditions. We have seen the death of thousands of languages around the world, and the change or even loss of unique customs and traditions. In response, many people around the world are feeling an urgent need to preserve their local culture and traditions. Culture may include art, music, architecture and other heritage and cultural products of high culture. It can also include mass culture or popular culture.

 We are looking for three 9th, 10th and 11th graders to represent Colegiul Național Costache Negruzzi and Romanian culture and traditions at World School International Forum that will be held in Tokyo, Japan from September 17th to 29th.

To apply, please fill in the online application form available here (Gmail address required) WSIF 2020 Application Form for Students

The selection of the delegates representing Colegiului Național Costache Negruzzi at WSIF 2020 will take place between 19 February - 1 March 2020, according to the following criteria:

Compulsory requirement:

-          Students need to be enrolled in 9th/10th/11th grade at Colegiul Național Costache Negruzzi during the current school year

-          Parental Agreement/ Acord parental- printed, signed and handed in at the interview available here.

Selection criteria:

A.    THE ONLINE APPLICATION FORM  - CV - Europass format (50 p.)

a.      Linguistic competence (20 p.) – For each of the languages you know (English, German, French, other), please upload proof of your level in your CV, either by attaching a language certificate or the document entitled Adeverinta Limbi Straine (available here), filled in and signed by your language teacher in Colegiul National Costache Negruzzi Iasi.( 5 points –B2 level, 10 points – C1 level, 15 points – C2 level)

b.      Outstanding school results and conduct during high school years (15p.): prizes/awards at regional/national/international competitions ( upload proof of each prize– 3p/prize, max 12p), average general grades  (for 10th and 11th graders)/ average grade of national evaluation exams at Romanian and Mathematics (for the 9th graders) -3p;

c.       Involvement in extra-curricular activities (15p.) – Please specify in your CV and provide proof in the online form, if you have been a participant/an organizer of other extracurricular events (volunteer work, international/national/local projects, etc )

1.      Video Presentation (50 p.) – Upload a video of yourself (maximum 3 minutes) in which you introduce yourself and your dearest family tradition, you motivate your application to become a member of the Romanian delegation to WSIF 2020 (25p.) and you answer the questions: What is the role of teenagers in preserving the local and national culture and traditions? (25p). Please send the video to the email address Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea. (via

B.     INTERVIEW (optional, subject to the results based on the evaluation of the application forms)


Application Deadline: 1st of March 2020, midnight

Announcement of Selection Results: 8th of March 2020, midnight

For further information, contact selection coordinating teachers: Anca Voicu-Ghenghea and Gianina Artenie


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